An Experienced Photographer. An Engaged Citizen. Conveying Human Awesomeness through Photography. Inspiring Possibilities.

I am a seasoned documentary and fine arts photographer. My natural approach is down to earth, connecting with my subjects, which in turn gives an authentic feel to my work and a true sense of emotion in every photograph. I am an energetic soul with a joyful state of being that allows my subjects natural beauty to shine through.
I have a special interest in documenting the positive aspects of different cultures with the intention of portraying what works in community. I work with multiple charities empowering the world’s most vulnerable people through photography workshops and training.

Portraits / Weddings / Births / Documentary / NGO support / Mentoring / Interiors / Corporate

P.S. I also Love to Hoola-Hoop! :)

Amy Jean Harding

What Drives Me

I created this video after being interviewed on the radio.

I have learnt that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone can create positive change & growth. Taking great photographs and using them to demonstrate the positive is my way of making the most out of this life.

My work is dedicated to those that have crossed my path and shared their story. To get to know me and my work a little better press play.