The Birth of Lena

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Lena’s birth was my first experience of a Home, Water & Lotus birth all in one! A magical experience. Petra and Pascal treated the birth of their little girl as sacred and expressed a lot of love and compassion throughout the birth. The atmosphere was still and peaceful. Only candles lit the room and we held the space for Petra to go through the amazing transition from woman to mother. Once Lena was born, we waited patiently for the placenta to be birthed which stayed attached to the babe until she was ready to let it go. Lena let go of her placenta at 7 days old.

A photographer who also is a doula has the understanding and sensibility to capture moments in a unique way, and without interfering with the natural process.

“Amy Jean accompanied the homebirth of my daughter as a photographer. She documented the whole process of the birth and captured the moments, emotions and mood in the room perfectly. It is with great joy that we are now looking at the album we created, re-live the special time and share our feelings with our daughter. As a trained doula, Amy Jean has a unique sensibility for and understanding of the occasion of a birth, and she was therefore not just a photographer but also an important and trusted woman by my side, going along the journey and helping me capture and share the most beautiful event of my life.”
— Petra Hirter-Winkler

  • Date: 08/2011
  • Client: Lena
  • Filed under: Birth