Interior Photography

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Working with other creative people in any field is always inspiring.

I particularly like interior design because it is, like photography, based on the visual and feeling senses. I find when people are on the same wave length we work in sync and come up with photographs that reflect an equal combination of both our creative styles. I tend to do things a little differently and it shows in my work. I like to use available lighting to show off the mood of the space and often don’t use a tripod so that we see the room not only from the conservative angles but from whatever perspective that best enhances the design.

The majority of my interior work is with Smart Space Interiors an awesome interior design business that really understands their clients.

I am providing wall art for the Interior Designers, if you are interested in that option you can find some samples in the ‘Art’ section of the website or contact me for more details.

  • Client: Smart Space Interiors
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