Orphans & Widows of Afghanistan

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Usually, when I go to a place of poverty I walk away from there feeling deeply touched, and inspired at the ability of people’s happiness in such poor conditions. I am sure you agree, if you have been to such a place you say something like ‘wow look at that, they have very little but they are still smiling!’ That is not the case in my experience of Afghanistan. The Afghani people are beautiful, warm and generous. However, there are so many children that are lacking inner light. I have never seen such man made destruction. The damage done and which is continuing to be done is completely by our own hand. Human chaos. There is a huge sense of numbness and despair, sadness, suffering and lack of hope. They are innocent little beings that have been exposed to the harshest conditions, the cruelest of human behaviour and are now living desperately on the streets doing what they can for survival. All children deserve to be filled with love and light. All people deserve to feel safe loved and nurtured.

Within the orphanage’s walls it is like a bubble of hope. What Mahboba’s promise has created there, is truly special. The children have hope, they have dreams, there has been healing within these children. It is evident that they feel loved.
I watched Widows arrive from miles around, by truck or by foot. They wait for long hours for their name to be called out, to receive a package of rice, flour and oil. Some are sent away because they do not have sponsors.

We went to visit a widow in her home, it was at the top of one of the mountains that surround Kabul. I felt sick when we arrived, not because it was dirty or anything like that, I just felt sick with sadness. The widow and her family have very little. Mahboba’s promise had built a very needed toilet for this woman and her family. She previously would wait until dark before she could go to the toilet so no one would see her.

I do not pretend to know anything about the political circumstances or even what is the ‘right’ thing to do. However I do know we are capable of providing, at the very least, means for the basic human survival needs to be met. Like I said before, all people deserve to feel safe loved and nurtured.

You can find more information on Mahboba Promise or how you could help on their website.

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