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I always feel honoured to be asked to photograph a pregnant woman. It can be a vulnerable time and needs to be treated with the deepest respect. There is a stillness and beauty that encapsulates the woman. I feel that this time is a big part of the transition into motherhood and although we often focus on the birth, pregnancy is to be acknowledged, taking photographs can sometimes be a part of that ritual.

Being a Birth photographer and Doula I have an understanding of the stages each woman may be going through, I feel this helps with relaxing into the photo shoot. I haven’t put a lot of my pregnancy photographs on the website, as they are quite intimate and I respect the women’s wishes to keep them private.

“I was amazed at how comfortable I felt being photographed nude for my preggy pics. I always hoped for magical, nature based, nude photo’s of me and my belly, but was never sure I would be comfortable in front of a professional photographer. Thanks AJ, you made it so easy and fun. They are truly beautiful and we can’t wait to share them with our little one!”
Tamaryn Truter

“Amy Jean is a beautiful person and an amazing photographer – she belongs behind the lens. She sees the subject through the lens of her heart and so captures its essence: which remains alive in her photograph. She is fully present yet unobtrusively melts into the background creating ease and artfully capturing the moment. She invites the subject to shine and the result is beautifully executed, real photography. She is my photographer of choice.” 
Louise Taylor

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