The Big Sing in the Desert

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I was asked to document a gathering of around 100 Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians at a singing work shop in Ross River NT. As an observer I witnessed the two cultures awkward at first unsure of where to sit, what to say, what to do..wanting to connect but unsure of how. The children broke the ice and ran from person to person. Eventually the group became one, through song. Music was the common connection and as the days flowed on they learnt songs in traditional language, english & african. The group sang around the camp fire and we were all blessed to watch dancing and learn how to cook roo tail on the fire. This event has become an annual gathering for me to document and I feel completely honoured to be a part of it. Such a positive story from our outback. Something that is close to my heart. In some sense watching the two cultures come together has created a harmony in my own roots and where I am from.

For more information on The Big Sing in the Desert please contact Rachel Hore or Morris Stuart

“Amy! They (the photographs) are delightful, moving, inspired, full of moments of relationship and tenderness , thoughtfulness and humour. AND BEAUTY! what an eye you have. You are truly truly talented and I will tell everyone about you! My deepest thanks to you for what you have given us all, thankyou for your incredible gifts, your beautiful smile, your ability to put gold dust over everything you see. Your presence in the room makes me SO HAPPY!!! I’m so glad to be able to share it with you.
Love Rachel xx”

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