The Birth of Astro

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Astro’s (later to be called Noah B Ocean) entry to this world was an absolute beautiful experience.

He was birthed just after sunrise in a home that overlooked the ocean, with soft morning light coming into the room. There was a song playing…. ”What the World needs now is Love Sweet Love….” and his first portrait was taken before he had even surfaced from the water.

We were all very calm Kym and Damien worked together as a team and saw their little boy come into the world peacefully & with Joy.

Having Amy as my doula /birth photographer can only be described as phenomenal. Having professional images of such a sacred time makes me indescribably happy. More so than i ever would have thought!

She simply sat, holding the birth space, allowing what worked, subtly changing what did not. For that I am thankful, doing whatever needed to be done. And of course shooting when it felt right to do so. I do not remember the camera being there. Which I guess is the mark of a good photographer! Her being there and doing what she does, completely freed me up to withdraw all traces of my thinking brain and become pure body…. Turns out thats exactly what it takes to let your baby out ;) so for that I thank you. You were a blessing who in untold ways clearly helped my birth experience be utterly wonderful. Thank you