The Birth of Lev

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Lev (Hebrew for Heart) is my little BIG heart opener! It was an honour to be at Lev’s birth. I am humbled by this experience. An amazing couple, Jude and Mark welcomed their little boy into this world at home.

As a doula I am there to care for the woman, her partner and hold the space. As a photographer my intention is to capture tasteful intimate photographs to treasure this extraordinary moment. Lev was later transferred to hospital, with fluid on his lungs. I went with them, for support. He recovered well and is an extraordinary little boy with two very beautiful and proud parents.

“Having Amy Jean at my son’s birth was like having an angel support me through the process. Her strong intuition and understanding of birthing helped me to feel completely safe and held. She has the ability to see deeply into what a person needs and in this way was able to be there for myself and my partner. Her presence is full of light and I feel honoured that she was there when my son arrived into this world.

And what a package! So amazing to also have the photos which document my birthing journey and those precious first moments of meeting our son. With AJ’s sensitivity she was unobtrusive and I was never aware of the photos being taken. I believe it is AJ’s connection to the people she works with which makes her photos so captivating. I’m so grateful to have a record of such a monumental and meaningful life event.”